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The Square Faces
5 min readSep 14, 2022


Sep 14, 2022 — The revolution is on! Despite a major slow-down in the NFT market these last months, NFTs are still essential to the third generation of the evolution of web technologies: Web 3.0 (Web3). We have seen big brands in the Luxury or Automotive industries rushing to deliver their collection lastly, to be there as fast as they could. We believe that most of the brands, who might have a use of it one day, would take the leap at some point. Furthermore, we are all more and more aware of what Metaverse, NFT, Crypto really are and society is progressing every day, learning these new tech capabilities. It seems obvious we will get there, as the value of these assets are now well recognized in the economy. NFTs are the future, but are all collections really worth it?

99 Collections out of 100 are a mess. Multiple Artists, Developers, Geeks & others wanted to get there, as the brands, as fast as they could. They tried new technological NFT creation tools not only to promote their artwork but to understand the purpose and the extraordinary opportunities of this massive internet revolution, and maybe being there tomorrow again. We believe this is just the beginning, and that most of the collections won’t hold any historical value. Society keep learning and pushing forward the utility of Web 3.0 every day.

Despite the undiscussed success of some massive collections like CryptoPunks or Bored Apes Yacht Club, most of the successful collections are the one who are breaking the codes by offering a true innovation in the market. Success always linked to Innovation and Marketing/PR performance of the projects. CyberKongz were the perfect example of a successful launch due to a staking innovation, offering its holder some Bananas (their own cryptocurrency), just for holding their NFTs, owners received a daily reward. Token was traded up to $100 in October 2021, but seemed to have lost a bit of hype and came back to a whooping $0,70 today. Consistency and security are the keys to hold value in-time. Axie Infinity was another great P2E (Play-to-earn) project, but due to a massive security breach, value heavily impacted and bring their Axies (their NFTs) to the lowest value. We should always be looking at the consistency in-time, what the collection will be able to safely offer at long term?

Another key point: The Smart Contracts. As you might know, collections could be imported directly in the marketplace (Lower Gas Fees, no development needed). It means that anyone could draw something on paint, export it in its favorite format and upload it to any platform. Boom baby, a NFT collection is born. Most of the scammers are using this scenario, for obvious reasons. Beware the collection without Smart Contracts. The other option is when the Collection developed a Smart Contract (Higher Gas Fees but full control over the collection). It should be a major red flag if you are planning to invest in a collection without Smart Contracts, as the development effort is not comparable, it lowers the opportunities to exploit the maximum potential of the collection tomorrow.

Looking for the new NFT blockbuster with all these previous key points in head, we focused our research on scaled collections that are the most innovative collections of 2022 and that seems to be able to keep the hype at long term, we would like to showcase one, upcoming in the few weeks:

The Square Faces

Pokemon-like oriented, The Square Faces is a “happy & colorful” non-fungible token (NFT) collection with a strong Metaverse exposition and an innovative Play-to-earn (P2E) mechanism, considered as a Definitive Battle Royale.

They are a community-driven NFT generated collection of 10’000 unique animated artistic collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. The Square Faces is a representation of our actual society inspired by the cartoon universe. The main Play-to-Earn (P2E) De-Fi game is The Square Show offering a Direct Elimination/Battle Royale algorithm, a true innovation in the NFT market and Metaverse.

They started the project in 2021, and decided to delay the release, so they could animate all of their Square Faces as their community requested it. They are the most active on Discord, actually working day and night to deliver on-time, they are present on most of the social network. The team behind it seems serious and passionate about this project. They seem to be in the race, being a major collection tomorrow.

The innovation here sets in three parts:

  • The Dynamic Metadata: Thanks to their Smart Contract, The Square Faces will have dynamic traits. While normal NFTs remains the same all their life, with the same traits and properties. The Square Faces are dynamic, their properties might change according to their fights. If the owner wins a fight, the metadata level will jump to +1, while if he loose, its metadata level get frosted. With 10'000 unique and 10 fights per week, this mechanism guarantee the collection a prosper future for the 20 upcoming years at least! What a automated consistency.
  • The Weapons: Each NFT (Square Face) gets a random attributed weapon, scaled from 1 to 100, the power of the weapon and so the fight outcome depends on two factors : Weapon Rank + Social Network interaction. This guarantee the ability of the project to jump from a social network to another. As weapons are hosted in the Smart Contract, they are scalable as well. Great consistency again.
  • The Square Show: THE BIGGEST INNOVATION — the one and only project delivering combat outcome in a video format. The Square Faces teams created a 3D virtual Studio on After Effects and rigged a NFT Host as a puppet on Character Animator. This allows a true streaming live opportunity. They will be Live every Saturday night, showcasing every weekly fight of the collection. All episodes will be saved and accessible in replay. The winner of the fight receive the video as a NFT, and can brag about its grand victory forever. All the Square Faces starts at the Level 1 and can evolve to Level 10. The value of the NFT depends, as usual, on the rarity of the traits, but the most important is the LEVEL of the NFT. A Level 5 Square Faces is extremely rare, as it defeated 5 other NFTs, frosting their value forever and forbidding them to play again. A Level 5 is a literal serial NFT Killer. The NFT owner can decide to stop and hold the value, by not fighting anymore, or to try getting another level up by engaging in a new fight. If he chose to fight again, he will have the pleasure to appear again in The Square Show, the next Saturday.

As any Definitive Battle Royale, losers would not be able to play the game anymore. It clearly makes the collection getting more and more value in-time. We believe that The Square Faces collection will be a huge success. The Square Faces are expected to be released this Autumn, and there is already about 10 copycats, again a sign that this collection will be massive.

Expected Minting Price should be around 0,10 ETH or less.

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